I have never seen them in a military-like formation, or so many in one place.

    Little authority, I would question.

    Apartment estate Security Guards, BaoAn, et al, report activities and movements of foreigners living and working, or just visiting China.

    My wife was assaulted, by an ignorant bugger, for merely taking a photo (not of him), while I was away, in another city. I went to file a formal complaint with the District Police Commander, who told me, "I have heard a lot of good things about you . . ." How would he know anything about me, as low key as I am, unless . . .

    I saw one of these BaoAn Security Guards, kick an old woman’s collection/donation tin of coins all over the street, on Nanjing Xi Lu, in Shanghai, and abusing her. I put a stop to him and helped the defenseless old woman.

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