1. Luke Hertzfeld

    Striking color and contrast! Very well composed though I’m curious why all the excitment from the security?

  2. Tracey Whitefoot

    LOL – cool idea!! A really great shot too……no state secrets revealed though, so what were they worried about ?!?! Justifying their job maybe………

  3. pasujoba

    That sounds like a good idea …always up for some rebellion , rage against the machine !

    Oh and its a great shot too:-)

  4. Julian Barker

    Bloody hell! What a rebel! Like everything about this shot though – great angle, texture, colour combination. All the best pictures have a good story and if it involves a shouting security guard then all the better!

  5. band68uk

    Great shot and good idea. I’ve come across this attitude all over the world – sometimes to the point of sheer stupidity.

  6. DaveKav

    Funny they have never bothered me when I have been there taking shots? Maybe they have had a change of attitude. Like the shot though

  7. bajandiver

    I’m all for that just let me know, great shot, colours and angle work brill, especially if you were cuffed at the time :-))
    Nice one TC.

  8. blinkingidiot

    Thanks for the comments.
    Let’s organize it!!
    DK – They claimed they have had a break-in and have been told to clamp down on miscreants like my good self.

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