1. jackalope22

    Very nice – great colors in this image and got to love them foot prints that lead you into the scene! A close look reals so many beautiful delicate lines – the fence, the tree branches, inside roof of the shelter and even the poles holding the roof.

  2. Janys L

    Lovely image details and colour picked out against the white, with the curve of the footprints. Reminds me in some ways of
    L S Lowry.

  3. abstractartangel77

    Compliments for your
    Beautiful work seen on

    Thanks for sharing !
    And please comment on 2

  4. Becca is indefinitely away......

    ★ Welcome to Blue Moon Gallery
    Thx for posting! Congrats for your awesome art!

    Blue Moon Award

    .•*★¨`• You’re welcome! •¨`★*•.

  5. gtercero

    Trabajo encantador, captura obtenida magníficamente
    Delightful job, catch superbly taken
    Te deseo un excelente día de trabajo
    I wish you a day work terrific
    Lirio.... P1100978EPCita célebre:
    Cuántas muertes más serán necesarias para darnos cuenta de que ya han sido demasiadas. Bob Marley

    Yo soy Charlie

  6. m43photos

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful
    images with us in this special group:

    Seen in the group AFOTANDO (P1/A2)
    Award 2 pics within the first 2 pages please

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