1. J. Young Photos

    Love this shot and perfect title!!! May be laughing most of the day with those expressions and pose! Maybe they could scare off crime before it starts!

  2. Prestidigitizer

    That’s a little unnerving, isn’t it?
    Great one, Valerie

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  3. Englishpointers (Hate Sleep Apneoa)

    Thanks for your visit Valerie hope you are well and yes the eyes are on you maybe they were wondering what you would taste like

  4. Sharon C Johnson

    The Undertakers

    This exceptional shot is invited to

    S Johnson’s Fauna

    Award 2 or MORE for every photo you post in the group!!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?┬▓ )

  5. conwest_john

    Brilliant portrait, ucumari. I’ve never seen this many animals who are occupying one enclosure this alert. Did they blink for you? The true test of a photographer’s reputation at any Zoo is whether they blink while you’re trying to take their picture. Judging from this photo you must be popular indeed. Wonderful work.
    I really like your animal photo!
    You are invited to post this photo to Spectacular Animals, invite only
    Please add the tag SpecAnimal to your photo
    Please include a link to the photo when applying for group membership.

  6. Kelly Torian Photography

    It is creepy when you’ve got a whole flock of vultures looking at you. Several years ago, a flock of at least thirty turkey vultures invade the trees at my parrents farm. Talk about getting the shivers!

    Wonderful shot. They might be the beauty queens of the vulture world.

  7. V.C. Wald

    Hmm, typical vulture beaks are more like eagle beaks on steroids. I looked up "red-kneed security bird" but that wasn’t it, either. White-bellied stork paid off, though (I think) – try a google image search.

  8. Jan Nagalski (off, surgery)

    Looks like all eyes were on YOU ; -))
    great shot Valerie!! Cool title!!
    It was a thrill for me to see the endangered Wood Storks in Florida this February…it sounds like they may be "more endangered" if new agriculture bills are passed in Florida.

  9. jfelege

    These birds always creep me out when I walk through the open room. I also fear the fly-by droppings that have happened … luckily I’ve avoided them thus far. *fingers crossed*

  10. dobesmile

    Yikes !! I too thought they were vultures. Creepy aren’t they? You did manage to get some great photos though.

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