1. Peachez6669

    Yes, because this picture totally proves a point. The ceiling is…clean? and the sign is straight. That you for sharing this one. Really. Btw, security’s looking back at you up there.

  2. Clean Wal-Mart

    I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where everything on Flickr needed to have a point.

    Flickr: A Place for Points.

  3. Peachez6669

    My my my. Again, someone’s getting a little catty. Did you forget to take your Midol? I’m sure you could pick some up at Walmart for $2.00, because its obvious you’re PMSing or something for you to take a comment as an opportunity for juvenile sarcasm.

  4. Peachez6669

    Okay you know what? Whatever, I surrender. Jesus H. Christ , people can be so sensitive. The first comment was not meant as a bitchy statement, it was just exactly that, a comment. I didn’t know ppl got so up in arms about a little sarcasm,, but whatever, excuse my sarcasm.


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