1. *CA*

    I’m sorry to those who already commented on this image. I put your comments below. I replaced this photo with a cleaner version but Flickr only replaces the top version and leaves the old one in other sizes. Go figure.

    lawatt said:
    seems like a backdrop painting for a play, the lighting is just amazing…

    cjanebuy said:
    Scary stuff, huh? Being apprehended…….I live in fear of that. Glad you weren’t stopped, for then we might not have seen this great shot.

    giorgiopix said:
    Beautiful unusual mysterious atmosphere.

    mella doll said:
    I’d say it’s beautiful. Wow! It hardly looks real. I forgot what fog even looks like though. Very nice photo

    Mysticgoddess said:
    Absolutely fantastic. I agree, it looks like the backdrop painting for a play.

  2. Today is a good day

    What I like about this is that it is a great example of something where the composition works best with the focal point centred.

    I also thought the same as Laura – it looks like a backdrop for a play in the theatre.

  3. zinetv

    There is an Anne Rice novel quality about this image.

    The chair awaits some hungry vampire who will flitter down from the night, sit and brood about it’s last 500 undead years.

  4. colorstalker

    a diorama of the mind. this is really an extraordinary image. the strange real/unreal interplay is like nothing i’ve seen before.

    btw i’m so delighted to see your tags & comments. can’t wait.

  5. Andrew Morrell Photography

    Wonderful Shot!

    Please consider adding it to the Empty Seats group. It would make a wonderful addition! Thanks in advance.

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