1. Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin

    Very well captured, congrats on Explore!

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    Via Today’s Explore at #7 on Fluidr

  2. Ruby Lace

    A most fabulous photo that says so much more that what is shown. Behind the scene and within the photo, shows soles that have a calling to do ‘the right thing’ They have a calling to do what others won’t or can not do and when they have done their best, they come home (if they are lucky) and are asked to, resume ‘normal life’ That is the tragedy of it all, for the population at large do not care or have no time or interest, in what happens afterwards, to these brave soles. These people, will carry that burden for the rest of their lives. God help them!

  3. riberi luigi

    I have been in this situation in Somalia in 1992, to work not as a soldier, behind the gunner
    nice shot. good luck

  4. lenspired

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s always good to see photos of things or places we can’t see ourselves.

  5. Three D Photography

    Nice shot, Jessi Ann McCormick. Had to be hard to focus and shoot with the chopper leaning so sharply. Excellent work.

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