1. seanjsavage

    Time for a Flickr flash mob at One Bush Street. Let’s make it the most-photographed building on the West Coast. Just tell us when Thomas!

  2. alapan.com

    Unbelievable story. Maybe it’s just one overly zealous rent-a-cop, I mean security guard. I’ll be there tomorrow taking photographs with a copy of my photographer’s rights.

  3. psd

    wish i wasn’t 8 timezones away, all power to ya! I’m going to make a point of creating a Bush Street photoset next time i’m in the city, though.

  4. Patrick Houlihan

    Congratulations! This image is one of Flickr’s Most Interesting photos for July 2005. Would you please add it to the Interestingness pool? It will be a great addition!

    (Interestingness is a cool new Flickr feature. About Interestingness)

  5. Kees Smans

    This image is Flickr – Interesting #1 photo for July 27th 2005.

    Would you please add it to the group Flickr – Interesting daily #1 moments?
    It will be a great addition!
    Please read the conditions of the group first.
    (You have to paste a link below your #1 photo, to proof if your photo was ranked #1 by Flickr – Interesting. Easy to do)
    Please, only post your #1 photo, if you will meet the conditions.

    If you have already post your #1 photo, you can read this comment like unwritten.

    Thanks you all, for uploading your #1 Photo.
    Kees, Administrator of the group Flickr – Interesting daily #1 moments.

  6. candersonclick

    I had a security guard tell me he could use the patriot act against me once. I was shooting a friend skateboarding on their property. Luckily he let us go. Great shot by the way. Power-tripping over zealous security guards are just ridiculous. The Patriot act is ridiculous. What happened to common sense?

  7. Nyarlathotep

    excuse me: i’m the security guard. isn’t the internet wonderful?

    let me explain–i was just having a rough day and wanted to mess with some one. i would not make a big deal about it except that you are making a big deal too. joke’s on you! ha hah

    have a nice day

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