1. Ellen Bulger

    Everything about this is marvelous, in every way.

    Still, I doubt Honolulu is boring. No matter what happens topsides, put on a mask and stick your head under the dock. There’s the end of boring right there!

    Wonderful photos, wonderful writing. Great tales masterfully told.

    And good morning to you my friend!

  2. Viewminder

    It’s gonna be a saweet weekend… but I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again.


    Willie givin’ us a little bit of the Chicago-Love!

    1851 SUCK

    I decided to run for whatever this week… but then I realized that was a stupid idea.

    But I think I came up with some pretty good campaign signs anyway.

    Takin' It Up To Eleven! STICKER

  3. Viewminder

    Next week I’ll tell you about the time I smoked something in Bangkok and ended up barricading myself in my thirty dollar a night hotel room with all the furniture piled up against the door in a fit of paranoia and called my buddy Jeffe collect in the United States to have him talk some sense into me.

    ‘You did what? What are you doing in Bangkok and why did you just call me collect?’

    Tiger's Advice

    I think Tiger met up with Trombone guy earlier that night.

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/deszedol] Totally! I changed the title. Rock on!



    Stars in Her Eyes

    Because the Night


    Spent some time reflecting this week on why people hurt each other

    Morgan and My New Zebra Striped Stompers

    Morgan sold me a chiller pair of new shoes…


    Now people carrying trombone cases down the street actually say hello to me.

    Haunted by Regret

    I had a sobering conversation with my friend Dave.

    I’m still worried about him.

    Amnesia-T SOOC


    I caught a case of amnesia but it’s cool now.

    I’ve been taking a lot of Vitamin C.

    I didn’t wanna remember that stuff anyway.


    Yo Maria… you rock… from what I remember… I mean I got a bunch of pictures on my camera that look like it was a really good time…


    I got no idea.

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