1. twain shall meet

    oh my! found this scanning the DoF pool.

    lovely shot but even more lovely is the story you included…it makes me get a little teary too and hopeful i will find someone so thoughtful someday.

  2. gwilmore

    @twain shall meet: I certainly don’t claim to be perfect, but this is how I always try to be, not only with my wife, but with all the other women who are important to me. And that was a very nice thing for you to say. You sound like you deserve a good man, and I hope one comes along for you someday. Thank you so much.

    And thanks to HORIZON and the others for your nice feedback on this one as well.

  3. la Bautista

    Muy delicada… a mi me re-encantan las flores… pero así, en las fotos, no que me las regalen… ellas se mueren y me hacen sufrir… no me gusta, la verdad, ver como ellas se marchitan…. pero es la ley de la vida.

    A respeto de su hija, en lo que ella necesite de consejos en cuestión de fotografía de moda, aqui estoy.
    Cuando me necesite, que se contacte, no me hago problema en ayudar a la gente que si quiere aprender algo. Al fin, en esta vida es todo un vá y viene, un verdadero intercambio de informaciones… y es eso que nos hace ser, ser humanos mejores, dia tras dia.

    Saludos otra vez, y espero que no se moleste por lo que yo escribo en español… mi inglés es humanamente terrible… =(

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  5. Sorgine

    The picture is gorgeous. The DoF is fantastic… and what colors!!
    however, what I like the best is the story behind it.
    Garry, you and Sheila share beautiful moments and stories. You are both lucky to have each other.

  6. HariKB

    How beautiful. I love this macro, how the light is coming from behind it, and it is darker towards the center and front portion of this flower. Very nice.

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