1. CatMacBride

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called "A Work of Art!", and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    Beautiful shot though, this is definately my biggest pet hate!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve been told to put the camera away while tons of people click happily away, there is no way in hell I would have handed over my camera though!! I would have prefered to go home…

  2. Mrs eNil

    Thanks for the invite Cat – yeah was a close call about leaving the cameras. Neil was furious with them – demanding to see some sort of written insurance details to say that they would be liable for any damage. It seems unfair that people with P & S cameras and, even worse, camera phones get away with taking anything they like. Grrr

  3. galuppi

    This is a brilliant brilliant brilliant shot! I just love it! But, what a horror story to go with it. I think I would’ve exploded with rage.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. Hyacinths

    Cool shot 🙂 So what exactly is the security risk of taking some photos of the Pet Shop Boys? Or the outside of the O2 arena? Seems all a bit stupid really…glad you enjoyed the concert though 🙂

  5. nfophotography

    Grrrrr indeed ! ! ! – considering we were allowed through the most stringent security EVER in Beijing for the Olympic opening ceremony (thousands of armed guards,bag searches, face recognition & full body scanners ! ! !) I was VERY p****d off by the bleeding "jobsworth" stewards to say the least …. Move over missus – that soapbox is mine 🙂
    excellent shot indeed – you were much braver than I at this point
    *fumes quietly in the corner*

  6. Mrs eNil

    Well thank you most kindly!
    Thanks Doris.
    Thanks for the comment – I was really risking it taking this shot so had to do it very quickly.
    Sheesh – I dunno, I mean seriously…. what am I going to do with the pictures?? Sell them? Who’d be bloody interested?!
    Well as mine’s not quite so big as yours – I was able to whip it out and back again quickly! Thanks for invite :o)
    Ooo yeah – computer game! Good call.

  7. erikomoket

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  8. erikomoket

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  9. Bigbird3

    I got ‘told off’ yesterday for taking a photo in the grounds at Blenheim Palace – lol. It was worth the photo:-) Next time make sure you take a P&S tucked in your bag

  10. ryyta ( ocupada)

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  11. a.weidenhamer

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  12. DesireeC.

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  13. Mapi =)

    Here in Lima- Peru we don’t have many troubles with cameras, thank god! i filmed almost the entire concert of iron maiden in march. The shot is great!!!

  14. photos by mhl

    Great image and beautiful presentation…sad story, but so typical of today’s world.
    COOL SHOT!!! : seen in :

    "Double Dragon Awards"
    Post 1 Award 3

  15. Jaime Carter

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  16. starwitness

    Wonderful photo! I experienced a similar situation at the last concert I went to. Fortunately, I was able to take my camera back to my hotel room, but I was so frustrated to see that everyone in the venue was clicking away with flash, whereas I would have been far more discreet with my camera.

  17. kulturnik - ipernity, here I come

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