1. Devin R. Olsen

    Great product, but at times.. maybe a little too great? We’ve had a recent series things being stolen from around our neighborhood (small stuff to a whole boat motor).I finally had enough when our Christmas lights got stolen from us and bought this unit.Unit arrived on time and was packaged amazingly (see screenshots)!! I was able to quickly understand the setup without much time and had my first camera up in about 60 mins. Running the wires was a bit difficult as I hate getting up in…

  2. Panoz77

    Very impressed with this 4 channel camera system and the price was amazing, the Eviz App works good too For anyone in the market, I am really impressed with this system. The camera picture quality is impressive, I even put my cameras on the lowest resolution and they are still impressive. Installation was a bit of a challenge for me since I did not have my router near the location of the hard drive and could not hard wire the Ethernet connection to my home wifi router. I solved this by buying a $25 wireless access point and used it in client mode to connect my camera system wireless to my router…

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