1. yobink

    Great pic! Disturbing story. It’s stories like this that make me sad to be an American. Sad that the tragic events of 9/11 pit us against one another, instead of bringing us together. Thanks for sharing, Thomas.

  2. Scott Barlow

    Why not contact the Harbor police and setup a "legal" time/place to shoot? Although a hassle, at least you’ll give them warning that you’ll be there exercising your rights.

    Beautiful photo BTW. Well worth it 🙂

  3. material cannon


    This is David I’ve tried numerous times to call them and let them know when I will be there, sounds logical, but it doesn’t work.

    there are 3 agencies that converge on 5 -7 square miles of port, LAPD, LBPD, and LBHP., none of them share any info with the others.

    I’ve called to let them know, and dispatch for LBPD said the officers will still come up to you and question you / run your ID so theres really no point in filling out any permit, all it does is give them a paper trail in case something happens they might be able to finger you for it. Seriously, there is no good reason to fill it out. Thats the system THEY set up.

    If it would help I would fill it out, but it wont, actually I don’t believe such a permit exists to shoot art on a public sidewalk. .

    I think the harbor patrol is confusing commercial with art. Try explaining that to them, long story short, no permit is required therefore I will not be filling one out. Ever.

  4. jakerome


    Security Theater at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal

    Took this photo about 30 minutes before one of the security guards falsely told me I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside of the public cruise terminal. Mind you, they make folks walk through a metal detector, before reuniting the passengers with hundreds of pounds of unscreened luggage on the boat. And visitors are prohibited from boarding the boat unless they ask permission 4 days – 2 weeks ahead of time (the answer changes depending on who you ask). This security theater is worse than useless, as I am now fairly sure that the people in charge of designing Crystal Cruises’ security system have designed it with only the illusion of security, no doubt sacrificing actual security. Waste of money, waste of resources, waste of time.


  5. @404photo

    wonderful shot. I also second you on being harassed. I was told i cant take pictures of a train yard from a public sidewalk on a public road on a public bridge….and yes they mentioned ‘homoland insecurity" and "9/11" and "sensitive stuff like uggg military things". Funny the army did not feel the same way.. hmmm

  6. just sof

    It don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while! I took a couple of images from Ocean Blvd. toward the harbor over the holiday–guess I got lucky.

  7. KeithHiggins

    Sorry to hear of all the trouble. Wish I could have been there tagging along! This is spectacular and IMO well worth the hassle.

  8. hurleygurley

    New to Long Beach and prone to wandering where I probably shouldn’t I’m very appreciative of all this info. I got the vibe as soon as I got there but didn’t have any run ins. As I woman I count on getting away with a little bit of trespassing but I’m going watch my steps ’round the port but they won’t scare me away!

    Great work as always!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  9. enfi

    The picture was worth the risk!
    I always fell temped to photograph this kind of things, but as a non American I know is not a great idea.

  10. Luis R.

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called worth to see!, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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