Zefal 6-Piece Bicycle Starter Pack


The Zefal Bicycle Starter Pack includes six essential items to help you get your bicycle ready for the road. The kit includes a mini hand pump with folding T-handle that allows you keep your tires properly inflated. The convenient frame mounted bracket holds the pump so you can bring the pump along with you in case you have a flat or realize that you’re low on tire pressure. Also included is a front and rear led light set. The front light has a durable aluminum body and contains nine white LEDs, while the rear light has five red LEDs. Both lights have multiple modes (constant and flashing) to help you be seen when out on the road. The wide mouth, 20 ounce, water bottle with reinforced plastic water bottle cage allows you to carry your water so you can stay hydrated during your ride. Lastly, the kit includes a five-foot long, self-coiling keyed cable lock so you can lock up your bike while you step away from your bicycle to run into a store or simply stop to enjoy the scenery.


<br><b>ZeZefal 6-Piece Bicycle Starter Pack:</b><ul><li>9 LED front light</li><li>5 LED rear light</li><li>5′ long x 10mm thick self-coiling keyed cable lock</li><li>Bicycle tire mini pump with mounting bracket</li><li>20 oz cycling water bottle</li><li>Reinforced plastic bicycle water bottle cage</li><li>Requires 5 AA batteries (not included)</li></ul>


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