SecurityMan SM-3601S Dummy Indoor Camera with LED


<p>The SecurityMan SM-3601S Dummy Camera with LED deters intruders with its convincing appearance of a real professional security camera. Each unit comes with a flashing red LED light to alert the intruder to its presence. Once they see the pulsing light, they may leave the building and alert their friends that your property is monitored. You can blend this dummy surveillance camera in with real cameras to increase your security presence or use it alone to give potential intruders the impression that their every move is being taped. This dummy indoor security camera comes with a metal mounting bracket for easy installation and a plastic casing for durability. This decoy camera can help secure your valuables inside your home or business for a fraction of the cost of a real security camera system.</p>

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<b>SecurityMan SM-3601S Dummy Indoor Camera with LED:</b><ul><li>Deter unwanted intruders at a fraction of the cost</li><li>Looks like a real security camera</li><li>Flashing LED</li><li>Metal mounting bracket</li><li>Plastic casing</li><li>Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)</li></ul>


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