Safe Inside Portable Security Case


Safe Inside Portable Security Case allows you to secure your credit cards, identification, cash, keys, jewelry, wallet, smart phone, and other small valuables when you are on the go. This case is ideal for the beach, pool, gym, camping, travel, work and more. It features a three-dial lock that can be reset to create your own three-digit combination and a six inch vinyl coated steel security cable that can securely tether the case to bikes, chairs, fences and more. The cable is fully retractable when not in use. The interior is neoprene padded to help protect the case contents.


<br><b>Safe Inside Portable Security Case:</b><ul><li>Private combination lock (3-number code)</li><li>Push button entry</li><li>Ideal for mobile phones</li><li>Keys and wallets</li><li>Passports and slim line cameras</li><li>7" coated steel cable</li><li>Tough abs plastic</li><li>Honeywell case includes neoprene padding on the inside to protect valuables</li><li>Suitable for the beach, pool, gym, work, travel and more</li><li>Retractable cable for convenient storage</li></ul>


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