Pyle PLCM4370WIR Wireless Rearview Backup Camera and Mirror Monitor


Add an extra line of safety and become a better driver with this wireless commercial-grade backup camera and monitor system. The Pyle PLCM4370WIR provides custom installation parking assistance and allows you to mount your camera and monitor exactly where you need it. The 4.3-inch monitor, built into the rearview mirror, mounts to a convenient location onto your windshield. The marine-grade waterproof and rubber-coated camera is preferably mounted just above the vehicle’s rear license plate for optimal backup viewing. The small yet durable camera and housing install easy and will provide you with an extra set of eyes on the road. Steer clear of bicyclists, watch out for pedestrians and skill your way into those tight parking spots like never before. It’s useful whenever you drive in reverse or when visibility is limited. The color camera also displays distance scale lines on your monitor that clearly marks the distance from objects for added safety.


<br><b>Pyle PLCM4370WIR Wireless Rearview Backup Camera and Mirror Monitor:</b><ul><li>2.4GHz transmitter and receiver</li><li>Instantly sends camera video to the LCD screen</li><li>Wireless transmission distance: 60′ max</li><li>Screen size: 4.3"</li><li>TFT-LCD color monitor</li><li>Universal windshield mount clip-on style</li><li>Video sense input: automatic power-on when in reverse</li><li>Reverse-view camera priority for signal sense</li><li>Video color system: NTSC/PAL</li><li>Contrast: 350:1</li><li>Power supply: DC 12V</li><li>Built-in distance scale lines (for tight parking and depth perception)</li><li>Marine-grade (IP68) construction</li><li>Waterproof and fog-resistant housing</li><li>Rubberized with impact resistance</li><li>Rugged, durable and reliable</li><li>Auto white balance</li><li>True color reproduction</li><li>Low lux performance: 0.2 lux</li><li>Night vision viewing capable</li><li>420 lines horizontal resolution</li><li>Total pixels: 656 x 492</li><li>170-degree wide viewing angle lens</li><li>Video output: 1.0v pp-75 ohms</li><li>Includes all necessary cables and wiring</li><li>Camera dimensions with housing: 1.43" x 1.20" x 0.75"</li></ul>


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