Outdoor Products 2.0 Vector 19” Six Pocket Backpack


Keep all of your essential, everyday supplies in one secure location with the Outdoor Products 2.0 Vector 19” Six Pocket Backpack. This rugged pack can easily accommodate laptops, digital tablets, cameras, smart phones, portfolios, notebooks, binders, books, water bottles, sunglasses, snacks and more. It has a large padded laptop compartment which will hold a laptop up to 17". The Outdoor Products backpack has a secondary tablet compartment plus an organizational pocket that can hold chargers, ear buds, flash drive USB/power cords, pens, pencils and highlighters. It also has a small fleece-lined zippered pocket for sunglasses or cell phones, as well as side pockets to store easy-to-get items. The 19" laptop backpack has padded shoulder straps for comfortable wear and a top strap for easy carrying. It’s available in your choice of colors.


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