Essick Air Bacteriostatic Treatment, Clear


Continue to improve the air quality within your home with the Essick Air Humidifier Bacteriostatic Treatment. It helps to control bacteria and algae growth in an evaporative humidifier. The solution is simple to use by adding just one half cap full per each gallon of water every time you refill your machine. When used regularly, the 32 fl oz bottle of Bacteriostatic Treatment for evaporative humidifiers will eliminate bacteria/algae and keep your unit smelling good. It prevents the possible projection of potentially harmful allergens.


<strong>Essick Air Bacteriostatic Treatment:<br></strong><br><ul class="noindent"><li>Use to control the growth of bacteria and algae in humidifiers</li><li>Use to control odors</li><li>Use with evaporative humidifiers</li><li>32 fl oz bottle, clear Essick bacteriostatic treatment</li><li>Use 1/2 cap full per gallon of water</li></ul>


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