DualScan Prime Ear & Forehead Thermometer with Object mode and fever indicator


Achieve accurate, reliable readings with the versatile Dual Scan Prime Digital Thermometer. The 2-in-1 temperature readout capability makes it unique as well as ultra-convenient to use. Key features of the Mobi Dual Scan thermometer include accurate ear and forehead temperatures plus a special mode for food temperature readouts. Results are seen in just two seconds so you can quickly assess the situation. The Mobi Dual Scan digital thermometer also displays the room temperature, current date and time. Memory function stores the last nine readouts along with their corresponding time and date. The large back-lit display on the Mobi Dual Scan thermometer offers clear viewing of information, and the automatic shut-off design saves power so it’s ready the next time you need it.


<ul><li><ul><li>Two options for taking temperature. The traditional &ldquo</li><li>in ear&rdquo</li><li>method preferred by physicians and the easy, non-intrusive &ldquo</li><li>forehead&rdquo</li><li>option.</li><li>Use to scan bath water to ensure the proper temperature for your child.</li><li>Good tool for measuring food and milk bottle temperature.</li><li>Diagnostic Fever Indicator &</li><li>Memory Log to monitor temperature readings.</li><li>Ultra Bright Display</li><li>19 Memory recall for previous temperature readings.</li></ul></li></ul>


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