Coleman 5-Gallon Water Carrier


<p>Keep your water cold and refreshing in style with this Coleman Water Carrier. The Coleman water cooler holds 5 gallons. The 5-Gallon Water Carrier, Blue has a molded handle for stability and an on/off spigot for water control. The Coleman Water Carrier features a tough polyethylene construction, making it scratch- and impact-resistant. It is also well-suited for use at outdoor activities like baseball games, picnics and more.</p>


<b>Coleman 5-Gallon Water Carrier:</b><br><ul><li>5 gallon</li><li>On/off spigot</li><li>Molded handle</li><li>Tough polyethylene construction makes this product scratch- and impact-resistant</li><li>Great for outdoor activities: baseball games, picnics and more</li></ul>


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